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Yoga and Mindfulness Group for Survivors
6:00 PM
Pictou County Women's Resource and Sexual Assault Centre
Yoga and Mindfulness Group for Survivors Description:
Yoga and Mindfulness Group for Survivors
Mon May 23, 2022 6:00 PM - Mon Jun 27, 2022 8:00 PM
MORPH (Mapping Our Road to Power and Healing) aims to support and empower survivors living in Pictou County who have been affected by sexual violence by coordinating and providing services to survivors and helping them develop healthy coping tools to manage and reclaim control of their lives.

The MORPH program will be facilitating the Yoga and Mindfulness to Cope support group from May 23rd-June 27th. This group will be made up of six 2-hour sessions and is aimed at supporting cisgendered and transgendered women who identify as survivors of sexual violence. Each session will practice mindfulness, yoga and share conversation about healing. Yoga and Mindfulness to Cope is designed to help establish safety, stability, and self-care. It is present focused and actively discourages significant disclosure of trauma histories to protect group members. This group uses specific tools of mindfulness and yoga to assist group members with increasing their skills to remain safely present in the here and now. The yoga practice focuses on several key themes including experiencing the present moment, making choices, taking effective action, and creating rhythms. It is paired with key principles of mindfulness that include automatic pilot versus conscious choice, dwelling in the past and future versus being fully in the present moment, avoidance versus approaching and striving versus accepting. Within this group former participants have found connection to others, laughter, and support as they grow in their healing journey.

This is a free group with funding for travel and childcare costs to participants. More information by emailing Melissa at morph@womenscentre.ca , or by phone at 902-755-4647.
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Pictou County Women's Resource and Sexual Assault Centre
Address: N/A N/A, NS
Phone: 902-755-4647

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